Pubg Mobile tips for new players

Today we wanted to make a special article for the second anniversary of Pubg Mobile. Indeed, this game become very popular among mobile games nowaday. According to top grossing apps statistics for iOS devices, Pubgm is getting closer to the top of the ladder every day. This game is getting even more downloads per day than the unbreakable Fornite Battle Royale in the USA. But as for every games, when you begin on Pubgm you might get lose and don’t know where to start. So, if you are one of these players who want to play pubg on mobile, read our article and learn how to make a great start on the game.

Guide to make top 1 on PUBGM

You have finally finished downloading the game, so you are directly launched in a game. Don’t worry, if you follow our advices you will be in top 3 for sure. As for your first game, you will probably play against a lot of bot so it won’t be that hard. Moreover, you will be inside a team of 4 other players to try to make the best score as possible. To begin, I higly suggest you to follow your team mates when they jump of the plane to spawn in the same area of them. Once you’ve reached the ground, hurry up finding your first weapons to defend yourself in case of attacks. After that, try to loot the maximum of house you can to get enough ammunition, protection, health kit etc… for your game. And don’t worry if you don’t find a lot of stuff first, after your first kill you should be able to take the stuff of the people you killed. That’s why you always should play safe at the begining of a game. When you are ready to fight and to defend yourself, you can play in a more aggressive way. As I said before, there are many bot in your frist games, so don’t be afraid of killing them to take their stuff.

Guide to get more Unknow Cash on PUBGM

After you understand the basics of Pubgm, you’re gonna want to buy some stuff in store to upgrade your weapons and charactere appearance.  For this, you will need to do some game with great score to collect battle point (BP) and Unknow Cash (UC). You earn these resources at the end of each game, the amount depeding on the stats you’ve made during the battle. It can take time to collect tons of them to buy particular skins on the store. That’s why we recommend you to use a pubgm uc cheats that can help you to collect some resources. After using a such tool, you will be possesion of many resources so you could buy anything you would like on the store. It helps beginers to don’t feel stucks and avoid to play hundred of hours to unlock a skin you want so bad.

pubgm 2nd anniversary

I hope this helped newbies on PUBGM to get started. Leave us a comment if you have any questions regarding Pubg Mobile.

Get as many gems as you want with Archero Cheats

In Archero, gems are the best ressources that you can collect to improve your stuff for several reasons. Yes, gems have many uses: you can open chest for stuffs, buy gold, or even revive you when you die. But you actually don’t earn much gems while you are playing. So, you still can try to save them until you get enough to use for useful things. But this take time, and you need to play a lot of game before you start getting an interesting amount of gems. Anyway, something called a gems generator was recently published by a group of hackers. With the Archero cheats you can get thousand of gems ( and also gold) for free in no time. So, if you want to learn how to use this cheat on Archero read the tutorial below.

Get started with Archero cheats

Perhaps you don’t even know what I am talking about and it’s normal. This cheat is pretty new on the game, and only few players use it right now. If you want to be one of them, thisi snot so hard. First you need to find the page of the Archero cheats to connect to the generator. After that, everything will be explain inside the page. Basically, you will need to give your Archero username (or the email you use to login), then you have to wait the generator find your account. Once it’s done, just choose how many gems and gold you want to have for free. It start from like 1.000 gems but you can get a maximum of 100k gems. After you make your choice, end the cheat process by clicking on the button and wait a bit. After maybe 5 minutes or less, if you come back to your Archero account, you will see that gems are already here. That’s all you need to use the archero cheats to get gems.

cheats on archero

How to spend you gems

Now that you have a huge amount of gems, you need to spend them in a smart way. The first thing you have to think when it comes to spend you gems in Archero is Obsidian chest. Indeed, these chests give the best stuff reward and that’s how you can get a better stuff. Depending on this amount of gems you have, open like 20 or more chests to be sure to have some great rewards. Once you have the armor that you want, use your gems to buy gold stacks. With gold you can do many thing like improve your character skill or also upgrade your armor if you get enough scroll. Finally, play games to get scroll that you need to combine to get better stuff. Scrolls are found by killing monster in your run, and remember you can use gems to survive once at death!



How to don’t get out of spins on Coin Master

Coin Master is a very popular game these days. This game combine the addiction of slot machines with the construction and defence of your village.  Indeed, in this funny game, you can play with your friends very easily. So, you can destroy building of your friends village every day. But be carefull, your village can be attacked too and need to be defended. Then, if you want to surpass your friends, which means upgrade your village faster, resulting by collecting more stars, you can simply follow our little guide here. We just want to tell you how some Coin Master players are farming to get free spins without limits. Keep reading to get more informations about this method.

How to get unlimited ressources with Coin Master free spins

You know it, if you wan’t to get enough gold to upgrade all buildings and evolve your village faster, you need spins. Indeed, playing with the slot machine can be very lucrative and can give insane gold income. Especially while some events are running, you can improve income by 10 or even more! So, you know what you need right now to get stronger in Coin Master. Yes, you need to find a way to never get out of spins. This is why we want to help you getting a very high number of free spins on you account to maximise your gold stacks. And miracle, since few weeks, some online services offer you to get coin master free spins. This is exaclty what every players of this game wanted to see. A way to get unlimited spins for free, what could help more players? Of course, they already have some bonus that are supposed to help then to collect gold. Yes, but it doesn’t give much spins or gold, at least not enough for loyal players.

coin master free spins services


If you play Coin Master every day, so you might be interested by using a such service. This is going to save you many time and you could be sure you won’t lose your village each time you log-in. Also, once you get some spins for free, we higly advise you to don’t spend all of them directly. You may wait a bit for an amazing events that will multiply your rewards by 10, 20 or even 30! In this way, you will earn back all the spins you spend so easily and you could even get more of them.

Tik Tok: is that a good thing to see teens trying to get famous on this app?

Since the merge with, never a video-sharing application has been as popular as Tik Tok among the teens. And, they are all ready to do anything for a bit of glory inside the application. They are always inovating to procude the best video possible to try to make buzz on internet. Of course, the practices used by teenagers to attract more fans on their profile are discutable and not always positives.

free followers on tik tok


Teens using free followers generator to increase amount of fans


Some users have apparently discovered a way to earn tiktok followers for free for their account using some online service like tiktokfreefans. Actually, this a really great way for tiktok users to gain some more fans. And it’s working very easily, the user simply have to enter his in-app username and then he can choose how many fans he wants. You can use it if you want thousands of new followers on your profile. But they will propably won’t be that effective, so this way is only used to have visually more fans.


Teens that producing awesome content to attract new fans


Also, there are a part of these teens which are focusing on producing the best ever content they can. In our opinion, this is the best way to build a true and interactive audience. Indeed, people who earn their own fans because of the awesome content of their videos are the users that will stand out with a great popularity in TikTok. Yes, if people like your content, they will be more incent to follow you, share your profiles with their fans, or get interested about your videos. This is how people are supposed to earn fans and so far the best way to stay in long-terme.


Teens that are producing shocking content to be famous


Finally, this is the last part of TikTok users that is more sad and gloomy. In fact, some people are ready to do anything for glory. This is why we often see on TikTok some videos that can shock some users or simply turn into ridiculous the user who make the content. For instance, we can think about young girls that are twerking on some musics at the age of 13 just to try to be sexy enough to attract fans. Of course, it’s not the fault of young people as they are only copying other famous people as an example of what they want to do. And this is sad when we see that celebrities like Kardashian familly are inspirating too many young people on social media.




So, if you are an users of this kind of application, be caution about video you are sharing. Always keep in mind once you publish your content, it’s all the world that could see it. So don’t make things awkward for you, and think on your futur. Can you know if in 10 years you will still be proud of this video? Just get a bit of reflexion before posting.


Obviously, you also have to keep in mind that the main objective is entertainment, so we hopte you have fun in TikTok!

Guide to choosing the right Android or iOS game

The development of Google Play puts a lot of emphasis on games. For all that, the life of the gamer on smartphone is not easier since it takes courage to find the best tracks on the Android platform. We’ve decided to make your life easier. Without a doubt, there are a few thousand distinct amusements, difficult to discover your way around .What sort of amusement to pick?

We advise you to check if there is a game hack for the game you choose, this can make your progress easier.

gaming hacks

In real life diversions, the player, conveyed to confront his rivals in savage encounters, sees his reflexes and ability put under serious scrutiny. This kind of computer game is separated into three subcategories: battle amusements, arcade diversions and stage recreations. Portable battle diversions are typically played in solo mode, in which the player goes up against the machine, yet some likewise offer the battle mode between two players. A decent case of the use of this kind of diversion is Real Steel, an adjustment of the eponymous film.

Stage amusements/Adventure : In stage recreations, beforehand created and wind up prevalent on comforts before being adjusted to mobiles, the character controlled by the player makes hops from one stage suspended to the next or over impediments and dodges traps. Rayman is an impeccable example.Adventure diversions once in a while look like different classifications, including stage amusements. Notwithstanding, their situation is more detailed, and the player cooperates with various characters and questions. We can specify Minecraft or The Walking Dead as cases.

The last one : Strategy : This classification is a standout amongst the most well known on cell phones. In any case, making a computer game of this compose requires a great deal of time and diligent work. Since the attention isn’t on the player’s expertise yet on his or her capacity to design and examine, numerous factors must be considered when building up the amusement. Conflict of Clans and Plants versus Zombies are great cases of this sort of versatile amusements.

Episode choose your story cheat reviews

Since its release, this game continues to attract more and more players, to the point of becoming one of the most popular narrative game of the moment. In this free game, you must follow the story in which you are embarked. You need to respond to questions and interactions. Depending on your answer, your story will take a certain turn. Each story is different, so this means that two players may have completely different stories depending on their answers and choices.

As for the graphics, the game is rather pleasant and well done. The designers made a real effort to make the game realistic. In addition, your character is fully customizable. Depending on the character and your story, you can create your wardrobe, hit on a guy, make friends, hang out with them, go to parties or even enter the most prestigious universities!

At the soundtrack level, the music is very dynamic and keeps you focused on your story. The sound effects are also very realistic

Once your character is created, you are launched into the adventure. Every story starts the same way. You are going back to school on a new American campus. It is up to you to determine your objectives and to do everything possible to achieve them.

episode choose your story cheat

This game is very addictive and you can spend hours just scrolling the stories, you can no longer stop. The problem is that you have to spend”passes” to continue your story. You only win 3 passes per hour so the game can quickly become boring! The best solution is to use this Episode cheats to get free passes and keep reading your stories quietly. This cheats works great for the Episode game. You can choose the number of passes you want before generating them. It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to receive everything on your account!

This game is a success and we advise all young girls to go ahead and start their own story! If you like sitcoms and cartoons, don’t hesitate a second!

Golf Clash : How to use properly the new cheat system ?

The entire year 2018 has already been here and you are considering new entertainment. What could be easier than locating a good game on google android or iOS to move enough time and increase these long winter afternoons. But here again, you need to be lucky and appear against The overall game that can make the difference and cause you to ignore your troubles.

Sport simulation video games are specifically addictive and it is not hard to get swept up in the overall game and play countless hours without stopping. It is advisable to discuss a fresh game of the style: Golf Clash.

In Golf Clash, many guidelines must be studied into account to be able to boost. Natural elements such as blowing wind and rainwater can complicate the duty on the course. This game is interesting since it is very abundant in various lessons and situations. So you may never be bored. To be able to make your performance, additionally it is possible to buy accessories and trunks packed with surprises!

How to cheat in Golf Clash with the new hack !

The best way to improve its performance on this simulation game is to use the appropriate generator, in order to get gems for free and legally. This kind of online cheat is very popular on the internet for older games. Golf Clash now also has its own online gem generator that you can find here: Golf Clash cheats tool. Like all online mobile games, you can get on your Facebook or Google+ profile to find friends and family on the lawns of Golfing Clash. This provides competition and can motivate you to teach even more! The overall game is dependant on a event system. Usage of these competitions will be through your important coins. And yes, there is nothing free nowadays. So recognize that if you lose the event, you lose your original investment. You realize the value of training prior to getting into this adventure.

A substantial number of players yet not that are burnt out on diversions or you generally need to pay to advance. From this thought was conceived this golfclash4win site. Indeed, even the poorest individuals now approach assets. This makes the diversion more attractive positively and everybody is on a similar level

Good news for the second season: Get free V-Bucks with this Fortnite Hack

Yesterday the first season of Fortnite has ended with a huge update concerning multiple aspect of the game. Many things have change and the game is getting more intersting months after months since the release of the free version in september. One of the main change of the second season is the seasonal store that has been replaced by the Battle Pass the will reward you by emote, skins and more throught you acheive objectives during the season. This is very intersting because before yesterday, it was not possible to get gilder, or characteres skins without spending one dollar. So all these changes are promosing a very positive futur on Fortnite!

How to get free V-Bucks with the new Fortnite Hack?

Now, let’s talk about serious things. As Fortnite is now became a big game with a great increasing weigth in e-sport, some people are thinking about the way to cheat the game for bonus. You probably already heard about the story of the child who have been sue because he has cheated on Fortnite. And this is not so far the only cheat story on Fortnite, other players are doing this but there are some way that it doesn’t harm the game. And this is this way that we want to share with you. Actually, since few weeks, there are some online services that offer you to hack fortnite for free V-Bucks on your account. This kind of hacks is morally fair as it doesn’t affect the game play of others players during the games. It only harm the creator of the game, but don’t worry for them, there are going to earn a lot of money throught Fortnite once it will start to be a real e-sport game.Fornite V-bucks hack


3 months after the public launching of Fortnite, we can say that this game is really promising for the coming years. The very fun and competitive aspects of this game keep generating more and more players months after months. It is now a very popular game, and as every popular game, there are of course some ways to hack it.

Getting the (tiktok) Crown within few minutes thanks to

In, every musers want to have the little crown above his profile which shows that your account has been verified and marked by the team. This crown will help you in many points throught to gain followers and likes and so to get famous. Most of profile still doesn’t have this crown and you have to fill some conditions to get it in-app by the legit way.

But don’t worry because now with it’s possible for anyone to get the Tik Tok Crown in few minutes only.

How to get Musically Crown?How to use the Musically free crown generator?

This is very easy. To start, visit the musicallyfreecrown official website and find where you can ask for your crown. The only informations that you have to give is your username. So just enter it on the generator and click on the start button. Everything will work online, you have no software to download to make this work so don’t worry, this is really safe. Now you will know if you account is available for the crown and if so, after a verification the crown will be added to your profile.

If you are still not ok with that, you can go on their official website again and read the tutorial to understand clearly how it works. There is also a video that shows all steps to do to claim your crown.

This is the best way so far to get the crown! If you are waiting to get it inside the application you will probably never get it as there are too many profiles eligible for this.

What the Musically Crown will change for your account?

Getting the Crown is something very satisfying when you are a muser as this will make your profile very trustly and friendly for other musers. In this way, people will be more likely to give you a likes on your musicallys or even being your fan. If you make a search inside application, you will see that most of big accounts which are held by celebrities get this crown on their profile. This means that to get it, you will need to have a good amount of fans and likes and be at least a little famous to get a great chance to get it. Most of musers have so no chance to get it this way, that’s why many have chose to use the musicallyfreecrown generator!

edit: new website as now Tik Tok has merged with, also to learn more about tik tok read our article about how to get free followers on TikTok

A new way to get a free netflix account with matetaserie

There are a lot of people looking for some free netflix account everyday! Some sites are available which are sharing some accounts login in public but they will be picked by the firsts person that get them. And so it will often result by the fact you won’t have access on any accounts because you was to slow. Few others websites propose you some techniques to use Netflix for free but all of them are pretty boring when you want to use Netflix for long run. These way to do it is by asking your friends login as some account are available untill seven device in same time. Or even the first month technique but it will require some attention for you if you don’t want to spend your money as you will need to enter your credit card.

But, last week, we have discovered a new amazing french website that will offer you free netflix accounts for a period that you can choose, which varies from 1 to 99 months. And the best thing is that everything is free to use. This website is crazy because it will generate for you a Premium Netflix account, so you can do it as many time as you want.

Basically, to use the Netflix account generator, you just have to go on the french website owned by matetaserie in the Compte Netflix Gratuit section. Find the button on the article page to access the Netflix generator. It work really wimply, the fact the page isn’t writed in english doesn’t affect my understranding of this hack.

avoir un compte netflix gratuit avec yourpinterestOnce you are on the generator, just enter the email adresse which you want to reliate with the Netflix account you will receive. And then, also choose the password you want for the account. I advise to do not use a password that you usually use on other website for securities reasons. Anyway, After this step you will have to start creating your account. It takes only fews second and then you need to fill out more informations: now select how many months of netflix premium you want for your free account.

Now you account is sucessfully created but not activated. If you want to get it activate, simply complete the human verification by doing the action they ask you and you will receive all the informations of the free netflix account on your desired email.

So let’s enjoy your nights watching series/films with your Netflix account!