Tik Tok: is that a good thing to see teens trying to get famous on this app?

Since the merge with musical.ly, never a video-sharing application has been as popular as Tik Tok among the teens. And, they are all ready to do anything for a bit of glory inside the application. They are always inovating to procude the best video possible to try to make buzz on internet. Of course, the practices used by teenagers to attract more fans on their profile are discutable and not always positives.

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Teens using free followers generator to increase amount of fans


Some users have apparently discovered a way to earn tiktok followers for free for their account using some online service like tiktokfreefans. Actually, this a really great way for tiktok users to gain some more fans. And it’s working very easily, the user simply have to enter his in-app username and then he can choose how many fans he wants. You can use it if you want thousands of new followers on your profile. But they will propably won’t be that effective, so this way is only used to have visually more fans.


Teens that producing awesome content to attract new fans


Also, there are a part of these teens which are focusing on producing the best ever content they can. In our opinion, this is the best way to build a true and interactive audience. Indeed, people who earn their own fans because of the awesome content of their videos are the users that will stand out with a great popularity in TikTok. Yes, if people like your content, they will be more incent to follow you, share your profiles with their fans, or get interested about your videos. This is how people are supposed to earn fans and so far the best way to stay in long-terme.


Teens that are producing shocking content to be famous


Finally, this is the last part of TikTok users that is more sad and gloomy. In fact, some people are ready to do anything for glory. This is why we often see on TikTok some videos that can shock some users or simply turn into ridiculous the user who make the content. For instance, we can think about young girls that are twerking on some musics at the age of 13 just to try to be sexy enough to attract fans. Of course, it’s not the fault of young people as they are only copying other famous people as an example of what they want to do. And this is sad when we see that celebrities like Kardashian familly are inspirating too many young people on social media.




So, if you are an users of this kind of application, be caution about video you are sharing. Always keep in mind once you publish your content, it’s all the world that could see it. So don’t make things awkward for you, and think on your futur. Can you know if in 10 years you will still be proud of this video? Just get a bit of reflexion before posting.


Obviously, you also have to keep in mind that the main objective is entertainment, so we hopte you have fun in TikTok!

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