A new way to get a free netflix account with matetaserie

There are a lot of people looking for some free netflix account everyday! Some sites are available which are sharing some accounts login in public but they will be picked by the firsts person that get them. And so it will often result by the fact you won’t have access on any accounts because you was to slow. Few others websites propose you some techniques to use Netflix for free but all of them are pretty boring when you want to use Netflix for long run. These way to do it is by asking your friends login as some account are available untill seven device in same time. Or even the first month technique but it will require some attention for you if you don’t want to spend your money as you will need to enter your credit card.

But, last week, we have discovered a new amazing french website that will offer you free netflix accounts for a period that you can choose, which varies from 1 to 99 months. And the best thing is that everything is free to use. This website is crazy because it will generate for you a Premium Netflix account, so you can do it as many time as you want.

Basically, to use the Netflix account generator, you just have to go on the french website owned by matetaserie in the Compte Netflix Gratuit section. Find the button on the article page to access the Netflix generator. It work really wimply, the fact the page isn’t writed in english doesn’t affect my understranding of this hack.

avoir un compte netflix gratuit avec yourpinterestOnce you are on the generator, just enter the email adresse which you want to reliate with the Netflix account you will receive. And then, also choose the password you want for the account. I advise to do not use a password that you usually use on other website for securities reasons. Anyway, After this step you will have to start creating your account. It takes only fews second and then you need to fill out more informations: now select how many months of netflix premium you want for your free account.

Now you account is sucessfully created but not activated. If you want to get it activate, simply complete the human verification by doing the action they ask you and you will receive all the informations of the free netflix account on your desired email.

So let’s enjoy your nights watching series/films with your Netflix account!

The best way to earn free Robux with this Roblox Generator

Today, I want to share with you the last generator I’ve found on the web that will make you super happy if you are playing the famous game called Roblox. This game is a mix between mincraft and Lego that make an unique universe full of fun and joy! This is not for nothing if this game become really famous on kids population and even for teens.

So what I discovered about Roblox and how to get free Robux is this video:

I watch this yesterday and firstly I didn’t belive what I saw. Indeed, in this video as you can see, this man is using a roblox generator to earn unlimited robux on his account. This is very crazy when you know how much will cost you only 1k of robux by buying them on the official Roblox store. Actually, this man has generated about 200k of free Robux in only 5 minutes! Just look at this video, you will see what I am talking about.

What is this website that i’m talking about?

You can found the website here: free robux generator

Using this website, you will be able to generate few thousand of free robux within few minutes only. Just read the article that I have link above and watch out the video to learn how to use a such generator. This kind of hack is almost available on any game, espacially game that you can play on your smartphone, because it’s pretty easiest to hack a such game.

So now it’s your turn to take action. Visit the website I linked for you, read a bit about how to use this hack and go on. You won’t be disapointed by the result, if you play Roblox frequently, so you’ll obviously need to have some Robux to play fully the game. Indeed, Robux are needed to buy many things in-game as items, or stuff in-game etc….

Have fun with your free Robux!

We have found a new way to earn a free Tinder plus subscription for any account


Tinder is not a new app nowaday and most of people should already have heard of this at least one time. Actually, dating services are very popular today because social life it’s getting harder since society try to make competion bewteen people. So people will join dating service to find some comfort and to know that other people may be interesting by them. Tinder, the best free dating service is still very popular and keep adding paid services to perform better result. For instance, just 2 months ago the Tinder Gold version was released which give many privileges to users, even more than the old Tinder Plus version.

Check out how to get Tinder Plus free version on your account here: http://tinderplusfree.com

How to obtain a free Tinder Plus account ?

Getting your Tinder Plus account for free has never been so easy than today with tinderplusfree.com! Indeed, you can use their online generator to add this feature to your account for no cost. And it doesn’t even take time or diffuclt knowledge to do it. Everything is working online, you only need to go on their website to use the account generator so it makes all things secure. You won’t have to enter you password or kind of sensitive informations. Everything this service need to generate some Plus months to your profile is you Tinder nickname that you can easily find inside the application.

Today Tinder has a lot of concurrence and this society try to keep the most people as possible on their side. This is probably the reason why Tinder still has a great free version, so people will stay on it and perhaps they will take some monthly subscription that will be worth it for the company. Also most of people on dating site are not only on one network and they might be on other app like LOVOO or Happen to maximize their chance to date with someone interesting.

How can I reveal who sent me a message on Sarahah?

Sarahah is an anonymous mobile chat app. Zain al Abidin Tawfiq, computer science graduate and analyst in an oil company, created this app in 2016. This application allows anyone to anonymously contact a person of their choice. To receive messages, the user must create an account. The application then created a custom web page on which the messages are sent. As for the sender, he can send messages without creating account, so remain completely anonymous. This is completely challenged by this new trick: the sarahah hackhow to hack sarahah

In early July, a very popular Snapchat update allows to its users to include and easily facilitate links. The first fans of Sarahah, whose pseudonym and snowball effect is entrenched: the application comes at the top of the list of computers in the Apple Store (in July). Today, this network has more than 300 million users arround the world, especially in the United States, England and Egypt and more than one million in France. You probably ask: but how can I hack sarahah? Nothing more simple, I will explain everything

This site above is therefore a powerful tool to reveal the users of sarahah. Indeed, it connects to the database of the app and exports useful informations to link your messages. With the IT progress, this operation is very easy and only takes a few minutes of your time!

What’s the benefit of using this hack?

This helps to avoid harassment. Indeed, when foreigners are likely to reveal their identity, they are much more docile and less aggressive. It also helps to relieve face misunderstanding in front of certain messages. This Hack is already very popular among young Americans, and an upgrade is planned for 2018!