Good news for the second season: Get free V-Bucks with this Fortnite Hack

Yesterday the first season of Fortnite has ended with a huge update concerning multiple aspect of the game. Many things have change and the game is getting more intersting months after months since the release of the free version in september. One of the main change of the second season is the seasonal store that has been replaced by the Battle Pass the will reward you by emote, skins and more throught you acheive objectives during the season. This is very intersting because before yesterday, it was not possible to get gilder, or characteres skins without spending one dollar. So all these changes are promosing a very positive futur on Fortnite!

How to get free V-Bucks with the new Fortnite Hack?

Now, let’s talk about serious things. As Fortnite is now became a big game with a great increasing weigth in e-sport, some people are thinking about the way to cheat the game for bonus. You probably already heard about the story of the child who have been sue because he has cheated on Fortnite. And this is not so far the only cheat story on Fortnite, other players are doing this but there are some way that it doesn’t harm the game. And this is this way that we want to share with you. Actually, since few weeks, there are some online services that offer you to hack fortnite for free V-Bucks on your account. This kind of hacks is morally fair as it doesn’t affect the game play of others players during the games. It only harm the creator of the game, but don’t worry for them, there are going to earn a lot of money throught Fortnite once it will start to be a real e-sport game.Fornite V-bucks hack


3 months after the public launching of Fortnite, we can say that this game is really promising for the coming years. The very fun and competitive aspects of this game keep generating more and more players months after months. It is now a very popular game, and as every popular game, there are of course some ways to hack it.

Getting the (tiktok) Crown within few minutes thanks to

In, every musers want to have the little crown above his profile which shows that your account has been verified and marked by the team. This crown will help you in many points throught to gain followers and likes and so to get famous. Most of profile still doesn’t have this crown and you have to fill some conditions to get it in-app by the legit way.

But don’t worry because now with it’s possible for anyone to get the Tik Tok Crown in few minutes only.

How to get Musically Crown?How to use the Musically free crown generator?

This is very easy. To start, visit the musicallyfreecrown official website and find where you can ask for your crown. The only informations that you have to give is your username. So just enter it on the generator and click on the start button. Everything will work online, you have no software to download to make this work so don’t worry, this is really safe. Now you will know if you account is available for the crown and if so, after a verification the crown will be added to your profile.

If you are still not ok with that, you can go on their official website again and read the tutorial to understand clearly how it works. There is also a video that shows all steps to do to claim your crown.

This is the best way so far to get the crown! If you are waiting to get it inside the application you will probably never get it as there are too many profiles eligible for this.

What the Musically Crown will change for your account?

Getting the Crown is something very satisfying when you are a muser as this will make your profile very trustly and friendly for other musers. In this way, people will be more likely to give you a likes on your musicallys or even being your fan. If you make a search inside application, you will see that most of big accounts which are held by celebrities get this crown on their profile. This means that to get it, you will need to have a good amount of fans and likes and be at least a little famous to get a great chance to get it. Most of musers have so no chance to get it this way, that’s why many have chose to use the musicallyfreecrown generator!

edit: new website as now Tik Tok has merged with, also to learn more about tik tok read our article about how to get free followers on TikTok