Episode choose your story cheat reviews

Since its release, this game continues to attract more and more players, to the point of becoming one of the most popular narrative game of the moment. In this free game, you must follow the story in which you are embarked. You need to respond to questions and interactions. Depending on your answer, your story will take a certain turn. Each story is different, so this means that two players may have completely different stories depending on their answers and choices.

As for the graphics, the game is rather pleasant and well done. The designers made a real effort to make the game realistic. In addition, your character is fully customizable. Depending on the character and your story, you can create your wardrobe, hit on a guy, make friends, hang out with them, go to parties or even enter the most prestigious universities!

At the soundtrack level, the music is very dynamic and keeps you focused on your story. The sound effects are also very realistic

Once your character is created, you are launched into the adventure. Every story starts the same way. You are going back to school on a new American campus. It is up to you to determine your objectives and to do everything possible to achieve them.

episode choose your story cheat

This game is very addictive and you can spend hours just scrolling the stories, you can no longer stop. The problem is that you have to spend”passes” to continue your story. You only win 3 passes per hour so the game can quickly become boring! The best solution is to use this Episode cheats┬áto get free passes and keep reading your stories quietly. This cheats works great for the Episode game. You can choose the number of passes you want before generating them. It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to receive everything on your account!

This game is a success and we advise all young girls to go ahead and start their own story! If you like sitcoms and cartoons, don’t hesitate a second!