Get as many gems as you want with Archero Cheats

In Archero, gems are the best ressources that you can collect to improve your stuff for several reasons. Yes, gems have many uses: you can open chest for stuffs, buy gold, or even revive you when you die. But you actually don’t earn much gems while you are playing. So, you still can try to save them until you get enough to use for useful things. But this take time, and you need to play a lot of game before you start getting an interesting amount of gems. Anyway, something called a gems generator was recently published by a group of hackers. With the Archero cheats you can get thousand of gems ( and also gold) for free in no time. So, if you want to learn how to use this cheat on Archero read the tutorial below.

Get started with Archero cheats

Perhaps you don’t even know what I am talking about and it’s normal. This cheat is pretty new on the game, and only few players use it right now. If you want to be one of them, thisi snot so hard. First you need to find the page of the Archero cheats to connect to the generator. After that, everything will be explain inside the page. Basically, you will need to give your Archero username (or the email you use to login), then you have to wait the generator find your account. Once it’s done, just choose how many gems and gold you want to have for free. It start from like 1.000 gems but you can get a maximum of 100k gems. After you make your choice, end the cheat process by clicking on the button and wait a bit. After maybe 5 minutes or less, if you come back to your Archero account, you will see that gems are already here. That’s all you need to use the archero cheats to get gems.

cheats on archero

How to spend you gems

Now that you have a huge amount of gems, you need to spend them in a smart way. The first thing you have to think when it comes to spend you gems in Archero is Obsidian chest. Indeed, these chests give the best stuff reward and that’s how you can get a better stuff. Depending on this amount of gems you have, open like 20 or more chests to be sure to have some great rewards. Once you have the armor that you want, use your gems to buy gold stacks. With gold you can do many thing like improve your character skill or also upgrade your armor if you get enough scroll. Finally, play games to get scroll that you need to combine to get better stuff. Scrolls are found by killing monster in your run, and remember you can use gems to survive once at death!



How to don’t get out of spins on Coin Master

Coin Master is a very popular game these days. This game combine the addiction of slot machines with the construction and defence of your village.  Indeed, in this funny game, you can play with your friends very easily. So, you can destroy building of your friends village every day. But be carefull, your village can be attacked too and need to be defended. Then, if you want to surpass your friends, which means upgrade your village faster, resulting by collecting more stars, you can simply follow our little guide here. We just want to tell you how some Coin Master players are farming to get free spins without limits. Keep reading to get more informations about this method.

How to get unlimited ressources with Coin Master free spins

You know it, if you wan’t to get enough gold to upgrade all buildings and evolve your village faster, you need spins. Indeed, playing with the slot machine can be very lucrative and can give insane gold income. Especially while some events are running, you can improve income by 10 or even more! So, you know what you need right now to get stronger in Coin Master. Yes, you need to find a way to never get out of spins. This is why we want to help you getting a very high number of free spins on you account to maximise your gold stacks. And miracle, since few weeks, some online services offer you to get coin master free spins. This is exaclty what every players of this game wanted to see. A way to get unlimited spins for free, what could help more players? Of course, they already have some bonus that are supposed to help then to collect gold. Yes, but it doesn’t give much spins or gold, at least not enough for loyal players.

coin master free spins services


If you play Coin Master every day, so you might be interested by using a such service. This is going to save you many time and you could be sure you won’t lose your village each time you log-in. Also, once you get some spins for free, we higly advise you to don’t spend all of them directly. You may wait a bit for an amazing events that will multiply your rewards by 10, 20 or even 30! In this way, you will earn back all the spins you spend so easily and you could even get more of them.