Pubg Mobile tips for new players

Today we wanted to make a special article for the second anniversary of Pubg Mobile. Indeed, this game become very popular among mobile games nowaday. According to top grossing apps statistics for iOS devices, Pubgm is getting closer to the top of the ladder every day. This game is getting even more downloads per day than the unbreakable Fornite Battle Royale in the USA. But as for every games, when you begin on Pubgm you might get lose and don’t know where to start. So, if you are one of these players who want to play pubg on mobile, read our article and learn how to make a great start on the game.

Guide to make top 1 on PUBGM

You have finally finished downloading the game, so you are directly launched in a game. Don’t worry, if you follow our advices you will be in top 3 for sure. As for your first game, you will probably play against a lot of bot so it won’t be that hard. Moreover, you will be inside a team of 4 other players to try to make the best score as possible. To begin, I higly suggest you to follow your team mates when they jump of the plane to spawn in the same area of them. Once you’ve reached the ground, hurry up finding your first weapons to defend yourself in case of attacks. After that, try to loot the maximum of house you can to get enough ammunition, protection, health kit etc… for your game. And don’t worry if you don’t find a lot of stuff first, after your first kill you should be able to take the stuff of the people you killed. That’s why you always should play safe at the begining of a game. When you are ready to fight and to defend yourself, you can play in a more aggressive way. As I said before, there are many bot in your frist games, so don’t be afraid of killing them to take their stuff.

Guide to get more Unknow Cash on PUBGM

After you understand the basics of Pubgm, you’re gonna want to buy some stuff in store to upgrade your weapons and charactere appearance.  For this, you will need to do some game with great score to collect battle point (BP) and Unknow Cash (UC). You earn these resources at the end of each game, the amount depeding on the stats you’ve made during the battle. It can take time to collect tons of them to buy particular skins on the store. That’s why we recommend you to use a pubgm uc cheats that can help you to collect some resources. After using a such tool, you will be possesion of many resources so you could buy anything you would like on the store. It helps beginers to don’t feel stucks and avoid to play hundred of hours to unlock a skin you want so bad.

pubgm 2nd anniversary

I hope this helped newbies on PUBGM to get started. Leave us a comment if you have any questions regarding Pubg Mobile.