A new way to get a free netflix account with matetaserie

There are a lot of people looking for some free netflix account everyday! Some sites are available which are sharing some accounts login in public but they will be picked by the firsts person that get them. And so it will often result by the fact you won’t have access on any accounts because you was to slow. Few others websites propose you some techniques to use Netflix for free but all of them are pretty boring when you want to use Netflix for long run. These way to do it is by asking your friends login as some account are available untill seven device in same time. Or even the first month technique but it will require some attention for you if you don’t want to spend your money as you will need to enter your credit card.

But, last week, we have discovered a new amazing french website that will offer you free netflix accounts for a period that you can choose, which varies from 1 to 99 months. And the best thing is that everything is free to use. This website is crazy because it will generate for you a Premium Netflix account, so you can do it as many time as you want.

Basically, to use the Netflix account generator, you just have to go on the french website owned by matetaserie in the Compte Netflix Gratuit section. Find the button on the article page to access the Netflix generator. It work really wimply, the fact the page isn’t writed in english doesn’t affect my understranding of this hack.

avoir un compte netflix gratuit avec yourpinterestOnce you are on the generator, just enter the email adresse which you want to reliate with the Netflix account you will receive. And then, also choose the password you want for the account. I advise to do not use a password that you usually use on other website for securities reasons. Anyway, After this step you will have to start creating your account. It takes only fews second and then you need to fill out more informations: now select how many months of netflix premium you want for your free account.

Now you account is sucessfully created but not activated. If you want to get it activate, simply complete the human verification by doing the action they ask you and you will receive all the informations of the free netflix account on your desired email.

So let’s enjoy your nights watching series/films with your Netflix account!

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