How can I reveal who sent me a message on Sarahah?

Sarahah is an anonymous mobile chat app. Zain al Abidin Tawfiq, computer science graduate and analyst in an oil company, created this app in 2016. This application allows anyone to anonymously contact a person of their choice. To receive messages, the user must create an account. The application then created a custom web page on which the messages are sent. As for the sender, he can send messages without creating account, so remain completely anonymous. This is completely challenged by this new trick: the sarahah hackhow to hack sarahah

In early July, a very popular Snapchat update allows to its users to include and easily facilitate links. The first fans of Sarahah, whose pseudonym and snowball effect is entrenched: the application comes at the top of the list of computers in the Apple Store (in July). Today, this network has more than 300 million users arround the world, especially in the United States, England and Egypt and more than one million in France. You probably ask: but how can I hack sarahah? Nothing more simple, I will explain everything

This site above is therefore a powerful tool to reveal the users of sarahah. Indeed, it connects to the database of the app and exports useful informations to link your messages. With the IT progress, this operation is very easy and only takes a few minutes of your time!

What’s the benefit of using this hack?

This helps to avoid harassment. Indeed, when foreigners are likely to reveal their identity, they are much more docile and less aggressive. It also helps to relieve face misunderstanding in front of certain messages. This Hack is already very popular among young Americans, and an upgrade is planned for 2018!

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